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Thread tracking. Feel free to tag into old or already replied prompts or we can do the same prompts in a musebox. Game threads will be in the comments.

[ x ] - He requires repairs from Clara. Changing lightbulbs is apparently bad news for cyborgs.

[ x ] - A neurosuppressed Alex receives maintenance from Dr. Norton after the press conference. Raymond Sellars barges in wanting them to be interviewed on TV.
[ x ] - Alex is damaged from a head-on collision with a Hummer, requiring Norton to reattach body parts. Norton offers to lift the neurosuppression but Alex refuses.
[ x ] - Norton is kidnapped due to his involvement with RoboCop. Alex guns down the kidnappers despite the fact OmniCorp was paying Norton's ransom.
[ x ] - Chief Dean and Sellars put Norton and Alex on a week of leave. They're dropped off at the Murphys' household. This could get awkward.

[ x ] - Ten Years Later meme, Clara approaches Alex with the news that the RoboCop project is being shut down.
[ x ] - A week later, CLara intercept's Alex's crate before he can be liquidated. She tries to wake him up.

[ x ] - Alex acts out one of his directive in case he runs into people such as the Winter Soldier, Romanoff - or, in this case, Captain America himself. He incapacitates him and takes him to his home base to start inducting Steve into HYDRA to replace Bucky. Post CA:TWS.

[ x ] - Test drive thread for Bucky. Alex is pitted against Bucky with orders to incapacitate, and show Hydra who the superior cyborg is. Too bad Bucky has different orders. (RoboCop AUed into MCU) [COMPLETED, character death]

[ x ] - "Raiden" is put into operation after the success of RoboCop. He's paired up with Alex. (Metal Gear AUed into RoboCop)

[ x ] - Daniel Jackson is detained for what appears to be a dangerous, unknown item on his person. Alex shows up to question him. (RoboCop AUed into Stargate SG-1)

[ x ] - Captain America crashes a meeting of Hydra representatives. Alex Murphy responds and breaks it up, unaware that he has subroutines that weren't approved by OmniCorp. (RoboCop AUed into MCU)

[ x ] - Alex is paired with a K9 drone unit, nicknamed Clipper, after the success of his unveiling. They raid a warehouse for NUKE runners.
[ x ] - Forced to Kill meme. Alex is targeted by an anti-drone group called Human Focus, Chell sent to take him out as an example. Chell realizes he's not just a drone when she opens up his chest to see his lungs: she spares his life. (Portal AUed into RoboCop)
[ x ] - Forced to Kill meme. Alex glitches from tampering and Psi Judge Cassandra is sent to deal with him. She kills him by Lawgiver. [Character death]
[ x ] - Shipwreck meme. OPEN.
[ x ] - Predators meme. Davis Bloome rushes in to help Alex after he gets shot by a Predator.
[ x ] - State of Emergency meme. OPEN
[ x ] - Amnesia meme. Clara finds a glitched Alex being used to assist a bank robbery, after missing for over a week, and confronts him.
[ x ] - Captivity meme. Mattox kicks Alex awake.
[ x ] - Grooming/hygiene meme. Clara cleans up some cosmetic injuries for Alex.
[ x ] - Random Scenario meme. Clara throws a snowball at Alex.
[ x ] - Rescue Mission meme. Psi Judge Cassandra beats up a bar plus a biker gang, Alex rolls in to break it up.
[ x ] - Daring Rescue meme. Robotic Alex needs saving. Rokk is the man for the job.
[ x ] - Dark AU meme. OPEN.
[ x ] - Amnesiac Shipping Meme. Alex rescues Norton and acts as his caregiver.
[ x ] - Amnesiac Shipping Meme. Tess opens a box and finds (1) memory-wiped cyborg.
[ x ] - Monster Hunter AU. Clara's bitten and turned into a vampire. Alex looks for her.
[ x ] - Alignment Switch meme. Alex is blackmailed into backing off from Vallon. He's partnered to Anne Lewis, a corrupt cop, and sent to shake down a thug lower down on the totem pole.
[ x ] - Forced to Kill meme. Alex pulls over a Landcruiser and identifies the driver as Bucky Barnes - he goes full on Terminator in response, thanks to a hidden Hydra subroutine called CODE WS. [Character death]
[ x ] - 10 Things Meme. Headcanons lists on: 10 most difficult adjustments, 10 things he misses about being human, 10 things good about being a cyborg.
[ x ] - Alignment Switch meme. Alex is sent to retrieve Bucky and bring him back for "humane" reconditioning. [AUed into MCU, post-CW:TWS]. HYDRA!Alex.
[ x ] - Captivity meme. Rumlow intercepts a a shipment. Alex finds himself captive instead of Detroit. [AUed into MCU, pre CA:TWS]
[ x ] - Somnophilia meme. OPEN. Open to smut.
[ x ] - Dollhouse AU meme. OPEN.

[ x ] - Alex tries to make some arrests. [Commentspam/prose mix]
[ x ] - Alex detains Darcy for chronic trespassing.
[ x ] - Alex meets the DCPD's newest detective, Anne Decker.
[ x ] - Alex suspects Castiel is a transient. Also guilty of unknown substance abuse.
[ x ] - Lima Syndrome Meme. Alex holds Jayden captive in order to study his superhero abilities.