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alex murphy || robocop 2014 ([personal profile] yourmove) wrote 2014-05-12 06:30 am (UTC)

Capitol 010 / Arena 010

Capitol 010
[ x ] - Alex runs into Natasha, who's so good he buys her scared civilian act.

Arena 010
[ x ] - Making for the Cornucopia, Alex grabs a bag and nearly runs down his wife on the way out.
- [ x ] - Night falls, Alex and Clara Murphy attacked by a walker. Should've boarded up those windows with more wood.
[ x ] - He heads out to scrounge for supplies, and finds out cyborgs and rotted wood don't mix. Bucky has to haul him out of the basement.
[ x ] - Alex runs into Shaggy in the Orchard, and a parachute from a sponsor drops
[ x ] - Clara goes to the orchard and gets chased by a spider mutt. Alex steps in and they kill it together.
[ x ] - As Hellrena hits, Alex succumbs to heat stroke and gets saved by Steve Rogers.
[ x ] - Alex eventually starves to death because he can't eat food normally. Clara leaves his body.

Capitol 011
[ x ] - Alex talks escape routes and getting used to the dying thing with Hiccup.
[ x ] - Alex discusses District 3 and other stuff with Clara.
[ x ] - Alex meets Dennett Norton and grills him about the "suit". He's not a happy camper.

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