yourmove: (071)
alex murphy || robocop 2014 ([personal profile] yourmove) wrote 2014-04-20 08:57 am (UTC)


[ x ] - He gets a car-bomb to the face.
[ x ] - Alex Murphy wakes up to a cyborg body.
[ x ] - He tries to leave the facility and finds out he's a long way from Kansas Detroit. He's switched off remotely by Norton.
[ x ] - Seeing the fully extent of his injuries, Alex wants to die. Norton talks him out of it. [Body horror]
[ x ] - His final test: a small army of EM-208s plus Mattox out to disable him, and send him back to the drawing board.
[ x ] - Alex gives a suspect an offer he can't refuse.
[ x ] - Alex finds how deep the corruption goes in the DPD. He's switched off remotely by Mattox.

[ x ] - RoboCop 2014 soundtrack

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